Paraben Voice Logger


  • Protect your computer from unauthorized or prohibited use
  • Turns your computer into a voice recorder
  • Stealth mode hides the app and emails recordings for auditing purposes
  • Dictation mode makes it easy for you to dictate notes into one recording
  • Records all sound that can be heard from the computer’s mic and all sound coming from the computer like Skype calls

Voice Logger is a security and auditing tool for Windows computers. Install the Voice Logger software from the USB drive on computers and the computer becomes a voice activated recorder. Voice Logger has different recording modes. Sound activated mode only records when the sound level in the room or coming from the computer reaches your predetermined level. It can even record up to 10 seconds before the sound level is triggered. Normal mode records all sound until you stop the recording. Dictation mode allows you to use your computer as a dictation recording device only recording when you speak. It saves your dictations into one file and can even play a beep between dictations. Voice Logger can be used to protect your computer from unauthorized use, record conversations easily in your office, monitor employees’ or children’s’ computer use, and so much more. You can turn on stealth mode so users don’t know they are being recorded. You can even email recordings to your self or plug the Voice Logger USB drive back in the computer to automatically collect recordings.