Home and Business Surveillance


At NJ Spy Shop we specialize in security camera installation at your home or business. Don’t be fooled by what some big companies sell you. Everything is professional grade, clear, hi definition proven security camera technology. We have been the premier installer of home and business surveillance in NY and NJ for over 25 years. Protect your assets. Protect your loved ones. Get something that is guaranteed to work when you need it to the most when your life might be on the line. We are a certified HikVision Reseller. They are one of the top security camera manufacturers in the company. You can even make out someone’s face or license plate number.
The advancement in technology for a small business owner allows them to protect their assets and actually protect them. They will get the person who is the intruder. Whether you are going on vacation, want to keep an eye out on your home, spy on who is entering and exiting your home or business at all times. You can live view from any smart phone, tablet or laptop. Get security camera to protect an elderly loved one who might be living alone, protect your kids when they are with a nanny or babysitter. 
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Get a free estimate from experts who have over 25 years field experience in spying, setting up surveillance, and protecting people when they need it the most.