Lawmate Hidden Camera Book


The LawMate BS-10 Book Camera is a hollow book with a concealed color CCD camera hidden inside. A 4.3mm lends provides a wide 80° field of view for recording. Once the camera is attached to a suitable DVR, hours of covert recording are possible. As the camera will be hidden inside a real hollowed out book, it can be placed on a bookshelf, table, or any number of places for perfect surveillance. A Lux rating of 0.2 ensures clarity even under very low light conditions.


  • Real hollowed out book container
  • Color CCD camera
  • Wide field of view and low Lux rating


  • Color CCD 450 lines of resolution
  • 4.3mm lens, 80° field of view
  • 0.2 Lux rating
  • 9-12V DC