LawMate Pro Hidden Camera Hat


he Hidden Camera Hat features a secret interior lining that hides a high grade CCD video camera for shooting high resolution video. The camera is positioned in a place dead-center of the Camera Hat so the video recording records what you see with your eyes. No need to worry about aiming or positioning. Simply connect it to one of our mini DVR’s and record video from the palm of your hand. Just put on the Hidden Camera Hat and you are ready to conduct covert video operations.

Unlike most covert body-worn cameras, this one uses a high resolution true 450-line CCD lens that captures a 80 degree field of view. The footage that you get from this camera doesn’t compare to anything else on the market and gives you crystal clear footage for whatever purpose you need it for. This professional grade hidden camera is perfect for anyone who needs to record covert footage without drawing attention to themselves.

The Hidden Hat Camera’s camera is so small, it’s practically undetectable upon first glance. With this body worn surveillance system, you have a completely self-contained covert video recording system like nothing else on the market.

  • 1 Hidden Hat Camera
  • 1 Set of Switching Cables
  • 1 Battery Holder
  • High Resolution TRUE 450 Line 1/4 CCD lens
  • Min. Illumination: 0.2 Lux
  • 4.3 MM Lens
  • 80 Degrees Field of View
  • 5 Volts
  • Lawmate Part Number: HT-18
  • UPC: 738549311751


*Note- for use with Lawmate PV-50. For sale in shop.