Lawmate PV-50 DVR


PV50 is a new generation and evolution in covert video recording that will amaze you. You can finally have a high grade covert video DVR recorder that is nano-sized for both your walk around covert bodywear covert video operations and stationary covert video operations.

You will love the high end results you get with this new Nano-sized innovation from LawMate. The famous name in covert video gear, where you will touch, see, feel and end result a difference!

• Perfect Bodywear Covert Video Recorder
• Perfect Stationary Covert Video Recorder
• High Definition
• Amazing 2 3/4 Inches By 1 1/2 Inches X 1/2 Inch Thick
• 16 GB Micro Sd Cards
• 5 Volt Input For Any Covert Camera
• Works Will All LawMate Grade Covert Video Cameras
• Easy One Button On/Off